Hello, Listener

These are some sounds I left here, they are for your ears, and also your brains. These sounds, they are not for the party - so don't bring them there. They are therefore, for self-education, situational evaluation, and momentary stimulation purposes only. For best results, enjoy responsibly while being your most irresponsible. Enjoy while working to increase mental throughput. Enjoy lightly with your favorite consumables. Enjoy in moderation, as overexposure may cause other sounds to seem dull in comparison.

Remember, this is all a simulation.

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About zxevik

The man, The cat, The legend.

I am zxevik, and I make these sounds. You can listen if you'd like.

The Past

A dark young boy, I started strong. Fought when I couldn't get along. Thought when I realized that was wrong. Tried and tried again to stop. Climbed until I was past the top. Lived, loved, lost it all, then got it all back in a game of luck. Still kickin' it, still living, and no fucks given.

The Present

Music, games, girls, the sky, the beach, deep space, and everything inbetween. Any and every instrument in my reach. Every challenge met or missed that a younger me couldn't be taught to give up on. Any person thrown aside for something they love that our "great" society frowns upon. My passion, my life, all as the above and so below. If you've met me, you already know.

The Future

AAA DDR Extreme 145 / 240
2015 Album 40%
Be Successful at Life 55%
Eat all the Cinnabons 100%

Get in Touch

I'm currently looking to collaborate with fellow artists. Bonus points for ladies.

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